Hi and welcome to Beyond Our Sky! My name is Michelle Seeto, and I am a self-taught baker, sunset chaser, an amateur photographer and a person who still has a lot to learn about everything.

I was born in Brisbane, Australia, where I have been living my entire life surrounded by a loving family, amazing friends, and of course a beautiful city. From a young age, I loved to paint, draw and make a mess. I still remember the times where I would always create Christmas cards for every person in my family using coloured paper and pencils, but eventually that passion for creating developed further into a love for cooking.

In the beginning, when I was about 10 years old, there would be moments where I would forget to turn the stove off after I made pancakes, and even moments where there would be cupcake batter all over the kitchen benches and draws. But in the words of Zig Ziglar, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”.

Currently, at 17 years old, I cook more advanced food such as French desserts and decadent cakes, whilst I am still a mess in the kitchen. However, through the reading and watching of cookbooks, other cooking blogs, YouTube videos, and with my own personal experience – I have learnt a lot. I bake every weekend possible, although it is sometimes difficult balancing school and cooking.

Overtime, one of the main things I have learnt is not within the food itself, but within the way it can impact others and brighten someone’s day. So I decided to start Beyond Our Sky, with the purpose to inspire and teach others not only about cooking, but also how natural beauty should never go unnoticed and encourage people to follow their dreams.

I know my photography, writing and the design of this blog may not be the best. I’m still young and like I said – I still have a lot to learn. I aim to improve Beyond Our Sky, and I am lucky enough to be given the opportunity to be able to do this. Some may perceive blogging as a hobby, but to me it feels like so much more. It’s almost indescribable.

After all, everyone has a dream they wish to pursue and I guess, from a young age, cooking has always been mine. The hardest part is having the courage to follow it – because we are often scared of where it may take us.

So feel free to join me on my journey, which will hopefully become part of yours to.



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