Blueberry Cake

Time flies when you’re having fun – that’s the expression, right? Maybe that’s why the holidays always seem so short, because when you get three weeks it only feels like 3 days. But I think it’s important to use your time wisely. Although, I don’t think I do.
In today’s post – I thought I would discuss the importance of time, which is quite a complex and in depth topic. So we use time in our everyday lives, but depending on which way you look at it…we don’t necessarily “use time”. In a sense, it automatically decreases; because even if we weren’t alive to “use it”, the time would still lessen.  Read More

The Line // The Beginning

‘The Line’ is a journal of reflections which detail moments, thoughts and feelings throughout various points in my life. You can read the previous posts under Lifestyle.


Welcome back to The Line, and this is only my second post for the series. I know, I know – it’s meant to be a weekly reflection, however, school gets the better of you sometimes. But through the all the late nights, exams, laughter, stress and craziness; I have finally made it. Made it to where exactly? Here, of course – halfway through the year and halfway through grade 10, which means I’ll need to do it all over again. It also means that it’s finally school holidays!!  Read More