What’s Stopping You?

We, as humans, are easily affected by the things people say to us. Both mean and nice. To a point where we doubt ourselves. Where we lose our confidence. Where we lose our self worth. Where we lose our purpose. Where we stop being who we want to be, and stop doing what we want to do. All because of someone else. Someone else’s words. Someone who told us – “No, you can’t do that”. 

I wish I could go back. Go back to the time when things were different. When I thought the world was some magical place. When we had a sense of freedom. Imagination. Carelessness. Where we could do whatever we wanted. Say whatever we wanted. And be whoever we wanted to be. All without a single worry of being judged. We weren’t trying to be someone else, we weren’t acting a certain way in an attempt to please others. I was simply being me and you were simply being you. And that’s called freedom; freedom we once had when we were young. When we were kids.

Then, as we grow older, the tables start to turn. We are told that what we want to do is impossible. That we can’t earn any money from it. Our dreams are snatched away from us. Our freedom, hope, belief, the things that gave us purpose, the things that gave us a reason to live – are lost.

People often say that we are defined by what we do and the things we say. But I don’t agree that. I believe that we are defined by the way we think… and the way we see the world.

Our perception and our mindset shape who we are. Kids withhold freedom, whilst others are realistic. Kids think anything is possible, whilst others drown in fear and doubt.

In our life; we witness hardship after hardship, struggle after struggle, rejection after rejection. And it all becomes too much for one to handle. That’s the reason why kids are so optimistic and positive – because they have yet to experience the difficulties that come when chasing your dreams. They think they can do anything. They think they can change the world.

But this hope and belief they once had as a child… is easily lost when they grow up. They constantly hear the words “No you can’t do that”, “That’s impossible”, “You’re being ridiculous” or “It’s just a hobby, you need to get a real job first”.

This actually happened to me a few days ago when someone asked me – What do you want to do? And to be honest, I didn’t really know what they were talking about, so I just said – I want to take photos. And when I said that; there was a look of sheer disgust, disappointment and shock. It’s impossible to describe the emotions that came across their face – but it is a look that I will never forget. So do you know what they responded with? Photography is just a hobby, you should become a doctor first. 

The thing is, with people, is that they think they understand. They think they understand how you feel. They think they understand how much things mean to you. They tell you how to live your life, since they believe it’s the best way for you. They think they’re looking out for you.They influence you to make certain decisions. Ones you don’t want to make. They tell you all these things, when they haven’t even figured out their own life.

No one can dictate how to live your life except yourself. No one understands you better than yourself. No one knows you better than yourself. But the people you talk and the things you experience, have a lot to do with discovering who you are.

So it’s important to remain both crazy and realistic. To have freedom and restriction. But we must not lose that spark, that fire, that energy, that hope, that belief, that freedom which existed when we were kids. Don’t be fooled by the people that tell you “No you can’t” – it’s up to you to decide whether or not you listen to them. What’s stopping you from chasing your dreams? Fear? Abandoning loved ones? Fear of failing? You must think, by the end of your life, what will you regret more? – chasing your dreams or not having the courage to chase your dreams.




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