Girraween National Park


Life is full of surprises and unexpected adventures. And within in each new adventure, there is always something new to discover. So a few days ago; I was lucky enough to go to Girraween National Park, which is located 3-4 hours south of Brisbane and is near Stanthorpe.  On the way down, we had morning tea to at Sutton’s Farm who are known for their apple pie and juice.

So it was mandatory that we got some apple pie with apple cider ice-cream and whipped cream. My mum and I shared a piece since it was huge (if you can’t tell by the picture)! And I have to say – it was probably the best apple pie I’ve ever had. We also bought some bottles of granny smith apple juice to take home.

After morning tea, we continued on our journey… and we finally made it to Girraween National Park! It took us a while since we got a little bit lost, but we eventually got there in the end. We were still hungry even though we some apple pie – so we got settled into our chalet and cooked some lunch on the Weber barbecue just like a classic Aussie family (well the stereotypical version, that is). We had sausages, potatoes and salad.

Then we started our first hike to Granite Arch! It was only a 1.4km walk so it was a pretty easy and we passed some beautiful creeks along the way.
IMG_1148.jpgThen we went back to the chalet and unpacked some of our stuff. We prepared dinner and my dad added some wood to the fire place. And guess what we had for dinner? Steak, mash potato and salad. So we basically had the same lunch and dinner everyday! Also, before we went to bed, we made sure our electric blankets were turned on since it was freezing cold!
GOPR2201.jpgThe next day came and we started our strenuous walk to The Pyramid. There were a lot of stairs and a bit of climbing, but the view was definitely worth it – as you can see in the photograph above. My dad and I are in the shadows, and my mum is resting by the rock.
IMG_1052IMG_1073.JPGThe colour of the sky was simply phenomenal and you were able to see the horizon through the mountains.

On the same day we also went to Castle Rock. The hike was uphill and a little longer, but the view was even better than The Pyramid. There were full panoramic views and you could see all of Girraween! It was unbelievable, and for this reason – it was one of my favourite places.
Sorry about the line in the panorama – it was a sun ray! Also, I know the pictures aren’t the best since we are still working out the settings on our new camera; so I apologise and the photographs will get better. But the views are something you have to experience in real life, because the pictures do not express the true, natural beauty of Girraween National Park.

After Castle Rock, we walked back to the chalet; had steak, mash potatoes and salad for dinner and went to bed. The next day (the third day) we hiked to Dr Roberts Waterhole. It was a very short, flat and easy walk. The reflection off the water was amazingly clear!
For lunch, we actually travelled back to Sutton’s Farm and then returned to Girraween for our next walk. This hike to Cathedral Arch was my favourite! It was a steep uphill climb, and the views were out of this world. It’s almost indescribable.
Afterwards, we walked back to the chalet and had our last dinner. And yes you guess it – it was steak, mash potato and salad. We also packed our suitcases since we were waking up early the next morning to catch the sunrise.

So we woke up at 5:00am and hiked in the dark with our torches. We went to this place called Giant’s Marbles. However, the thing we were most worried about were the snakes – as we were hiking in pitch black conditions!
I have to admit it wasn’t the best sunrise… but that’s okay – it was still beautiful and the ombre of blue to orange was spectacular. What an amazing way to finish our adventure!

A lot of us forget to appreciate the true beauty of this world. Not only in the scenery, but also in the people. This adventure and experience at Girraween National Park wouldn’t have been the same without my family – because they are the ones who I created memories with. So most of us live life forgetting about life; but it’s important to let go, be alive, take risks, conquer your fears and embrace it. Maybe go to a place you’ve never been or talk to new people, as you may learn something about yourself in the most unexpected places and occurrences. So much so, one of the first steps to finding happiness is finding gratitude. You need to accept that this is the life you are given and it’s up to you to make the most out of it. Go on new adventures and push your limits. Within each hike at Girraween National Park, we pushed ourselves to reach to top of the stairs or to climb those rocks – but what was the result of these strenuous hikes? A beautiful view, and if we went higher…it simply got better. At Girraween National Park – my mum learnt something new about myself, as did I, and I learnt something new about my family. I will always be amazed at the beauty of this Earth and I am forever grateful to experience such beautiful adventures. So in each new day, there is always a new discovery to be made – both in ourselves and in others, but also in the world.

Thank you for reading, and if you get the chance – please visit Girraween National Park.



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