What’s Stopping You?

We, as humans, are easily affected by the things people say to us. Both mean and nice. To a point where we doubt ourselves. Where we lose our confidence. Where we lose our self worth. Where we lose our purpose. Where we stop being who we want to be, and stop doing what we want to do. All because of someone else. Someone else’s words. Someone who told us – “No, you can’t do that”.  Read More

Raspberry and Strawberry Naked Cake Recipe

A naked cake is essentially a cake without any frosting on the outside. And to be completely honest; I’m not a big fan of frosting because it’s usually too sweet, especially buttercream, so I think this cake is perfect.
It is, no doubt, one of the prettiest yet simplest cakes I’ve ever made, and is decorated with edible flowers. They were difficult to find, but the flowers featured on this cake are called dianthus (click here for an edible flower chart). If you can’t find any edible flowers; you can use fresh berries instead.  Read More