Soft Sunset by the River

Brisbane is often known as the “River City”, because there is obviously a river going through the city and funnily enough, it is called the Brisbane River. In my opinion, it is this river that is the heart of the city. You can see it from almost anywhere within the central district, whether it be from Southbank, the Botanical Gardens, New Farm Park or when you’re walking across one of the many bridges. There’s no doubt that you will ever miss it.

Brisbane River sunset from Kangaroo Point Cliffs at 5:53pm.

However, one thing most people miss is the genuine beauty of the river.
Everyone sees it, but we never truly see it. 

Brisbane River sunset from Kangaroo Point Cliffs at 5:59pm.

So what would happen if you took a very close look at the place you’re living in?

You would see the vast, gentle blue of the sky and its plentiful, white clouds which have the ability to reflect off the water. Then you will eventually notice how the river, you once thought was only a river, is so much more than you imagined, and that the city you live in is truly a phenomenal place to be.

Brisbane River sunset from Kangaroo Point Cliffs at 6:02pm.

My favourite spot to see the Brisbane River is at the Kangaroo Point Cliffs during the time of a sunset. This is because you can see most of Brisbane’s skyline in conjunction with the river.

Brisbane River and skyline from Kangaroo Point Cliffs at 5:54pm.

Within the moment of a sunset, to me personally, it is a bit surreal how the sky transforms into an ombre of blue and yellow. Then gradually, the yellow spreads into beautiful hues of orange. Not a harsh orange, but very soft shades of orange that are the undertones of the soft clouds.

As such, these sunsets are a daily occurrence. They happen at various times everyday, and appear differently from the sunset yesterday, and different to the sunset the next day.

Brisbane River sunset from Kangaroo Point Cliffs at 6:06pm.

It’s honestly a scary thought, how someone, who may be halfway across the world, is looking at the same sky, yet it appears black and twinkling, or even a light cerulean blue. Despite the colours of the sky being caused by the tilt of the Earth and the orbit of the sun, it is almost magical since, in my opinion, it represents the feeling of hope and the power of dreams.

Brisbane River sunset from Kangaroo Point Cliffs at 6:09pm.

Sunsets are also a sign that I have made it through the day and similar to life, are full of surprises and are extremely unpredictable. So I am, what I like to call, a sunset chaser who is active in sunset chasing.

No matter who you’re with or what you’re doing, if you have the chance, always take the time to watch the sunset.


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