Flourless Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

Who doesn’t love chocolate? No one I hope. Luckily, it is the school holidays and I have somehow managed to upload another recipe post – on chocolate.

So today I wanted to talk about my life as a fifteen year old girl. On a usual school day, we wake up and have breakfast (obviously). Then we go to our classes where we listen (although not all the time), learn and do work. However, out of everything that happens at school, the best part is when we see people who make us feel alive. I might be the only person who feels this way, and I am most likely the first person to say that l actually enjoy school.

Everyone is extremely witty, smart, genuine, funny and kind, so usually in the morning, before classes start, there are people who you talk to that have the ability to brighten your day. During these conversations, you laugh at silly things, you smile and I guess you feel happy.  Read More

Why Beyond Our Sky?


I feel like a lot of people are uncertain about their life, in terms of their purpose, dreams and mainly themselves . Hence, in this society, the message being implied is that – if you’re rich, beautiful, successful and fit in, then you will finally be happy. But we shouldn’t need a plan to reach happiness, and we shouldn’t feel the need to act a certain way just to be accepted.

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Soft Sunset by the River

Brisbane is often known as the “River City”, because there is obviously a river going through the city and funnily enough, it is called the Brisbane River. In my opinion, it is this river that is the heart of the city. You can see it from almost anywhere within the central district, whether it be from Southbank, the Botanical Gardens, New Farm Park or when you’re walking across one of the many bridges. There’s no doubt that you will ever miss it.

Brisbane River sunset from Kangaroo Point Cliffs at 5:53pm.

However, one thing most people miss is the genuine beauty of the river.
Everyone sees it, but we never truly see it.  Read More